Commercial Real Property Disputes

Ownership and use of commercial real property is governed by a vast collection of complex, esoteric and even competing laws, both statutory and common law.  Real property transactions will often entail lengthy, complicated contracts.  This is especially so when it comes to commercial real property.  And because such property is commonly the business owner’s most valuable asset, conflicts involving the use and disposition of such property can often have a significant financial impact on one’s business.

For these reasons, commercial real property owners (and those who depend on its use ) are well advised to seek the counsel of an experienced and responsive advocate.  At the Law Office of Paul Damien Kramer, we can provide such counsel.

The Firm has represented numerous individuals and businesses in the defense and prosecution of all manner of claims arising out of the ownership, use or other disposition of commercial real estate, including conflicts arising from the following areas:

  • Purchase and Sale Contracts
  • Lease Contracts
  • Land Sale Contracts
  • Claims of Easement
  • Claims of Trespass or Nuisance
  • Related Rights of Use Claims

A commercial litigator and real property lawyer with over 20 years of experience in Orange County, California, Paul Kramer is able to provide his real property clients with a balance of business and litigation expertise that commercial real property clients require in order to make sound, practical decisions in the context of any given conflict.