Commercial Real Estate

The Firm is well-qualified to counsel its clients in the purchase, sale, lease or other disposition of commercial or industrial real property. It is routinely called upon to assist both individual and corporate clients in the crafting, negotiation and/or resolution of commercial and industrial real property instruments, including:

  • Purchase and Sale Agreements
  • Construction Agreements
  • Management Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Promissory Notes
  • Other Commercial Documents

The Firm’s clients rely not only on Paul’s skills as a draftsman and negotiator, but also on his understanding of their business, as well as his ability to identify future business concerns.

The Firm understands that no two property transactions are the same. Different properties, parties, and objectives make every transaction unique.  Accordingly, for every real property transaction presented, we give careful consideration not only to the essential terms of the deal itself, but also to our client’s stated objectives and concerns.