Construction Litigation

Construction projects are often fertile grounds for disputes among contractors, owners, subcontractors and material suppliers.  In some cases, these disputes may even involve elements of the design team.  In all such cases, timing is everything.

The contractual demands for a contractor’s performance are typically hard fast, and often penalty laden, so much so that threats to the timely completion of one’s scope of work may well threaten to undo all that has been earned.  In such cases, where disputes threaten immediate and continuing damages, swift action from a qualified lawyer is critical.

At the Law Office of Paul Damien Kramer, we understand the statutory mechanisms and concepts unique to California construction law, and have represented numerous contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers and suppliers in the prosecution and defense of all manner of public and private works of construction claims.

Among the matters we have handled are disputes involving:

  •  Mechanic’s Liens
  •  Stop Notices
  •  License Bonds
  •  Release Bonds
  •  Payment and Performance Bonds
  •  “Pay When Paid” and “Pay If Paid” Clauses
  •  Delay and Impact Claims
  •  Retention
  •  Liquidated Damages

In every construction litigation case, the Firm strongly encourages its clients’ participation in early neutral evaluation, mediation and private and court-assisted arbitration.