Litigation Services

When business owners are faced with the prospect of a lawsuit — whether as a plaintiff, a defendant, or even both — they need straight talk and honest answers from an experienced trial lawyer.

At the Law Office of Paul Damien Kramer, we provide every client with a timely and objective assessment of his or her particular claim (or defense).  We don’t ignore the risk, and we don’t tell our clients what they want to hear.  We tell them what we think.

Our clients can expect an honest and objective evaluation of:

  • The merits of the case (pros and cons)
  • The drawbacks and hurdles in the case
  • The likelihood of success (including what that actually means)
  • The costs and risks going forward

Paul Kramer is a trial lawyer with over 20 years of commercial, construction and real property litigation experience throughout Orange County and neighboring communities.  Paul’s priority in every case is to ensure his clients understand the benefits and risks involved in any proposed course of action, to provide his clients the tools necessary to make an informed decision, and to vigorously advocate for his clients in support of that decision.